Tips for Care

It is VERY IMPORTANT to keep your hair CLEAN!

We suggest you wash the hair at least once a week for straight hair and rinse/condition 2-3 times per week for curly. When dirt accumulates, the hair can become less manageable. Hair is best shampooed with head tilted back. Do not shampoo your hair over the sink, as the natural cuticle layers will be altered and may cause matting. Do not use oil on any texture of human hair(ever).

Cleaning Tips

- It is best to shampoo your hair piece(s) before and and after applying.

- We recommend Pantene Shampoo and Moisture renewal Conditioner or similar.

  • When wearing straight do not use a leave-in product

    • Shampoo and generously apply conditions, brush through thoroughly and rinse. *note: Let hair air dry if you can, however you can blow.

  • For Wavy or Naturally Curly

    • Make sure to comb through your hair before shampooing. After shampoo/conditioner, we recommend a foaming mousse, or nothing at all. Make sure to evenly distribute the mousse throughout the hair covering every strand, scrunch it, and do not touch or run fingers through the hair when it is drying. After it dries you can fluff it and for shine, add a spray on shine such as “Wrap n Tap“ or similar. Do not comb or finger throughout the day.

  • Stylists - DO NOT sew through the weft, sew around the weft. Sewing through can cause hair to shed and it decreases the lifespan of the hair.

  • Hair Can be colored/bleached. Please consult with your stylist/colorist.