We believe that the best Hair Extension in the world is true Virgin Remy Hair. It’s unique, versatile, and lasts forever. Indian Hair is the only available volume supply of healthy Virgin Remy. And, no two pieces are the same, because it’s real hair.

The only good Virgin Remy supplier is one that has a large supply readily available to HandPick orders from. This ensures our clients get the best matched textures desired.

In order for our wholesale clients to get perfect hair year after year, we have had to steadily grow our supply chain. Alix Moore, being a pioneer in the Black Hair industry, is the Chief Curator of RemySupply.com; ensuring each and every piece is from our partner suppliers that always adhere to our proprietary specifications. Alix Moore can be found on all social media platforms and her website AlixMoore.com.

Achal Jain, along with Alix created the world’s first Organic Hair extension factory over 10 years ago. He has become both close friends and the backbone of Alix’s Virgin Remy supply chain over time. He has recently finalized a supply partnership with our longtime factory suppliers in both India and China, which gives RemySupply.com thousands of bundles of hair in stock at any given time. These factories now produce the wefts, the colors, the textures, the quality, and the inventory we need to choose from. Alix personally spends months each year in order to continually train each team to pick and choose specifically the hair that we pay for. Much of the best in inventory is coming to us because of our history, knowledge, and price of product we pay for along with volume.

RemySupply.com aims to help hair entrepreneurs in North America source the best Virgin Remy and pre-Textured Remy hair the world has to offer, at the best prices and with the most reliable shipping methods. We have taken pride in providing good hair and hair knowledge to stylists and hair enthusiasts for over 10 years. And, we hope to help you grow your brand in volume just as we have many others. We wish you success and look forward to supplying you.